Startup Weekend Tupelo DEMO LIST!


Here are the demo teams and what they are building this weekend at Startup Weekend Tupelo.  Interested in watching the pitches? Come on out to the Renasant Center for IDEAS at 398 Main Street in Tupelo. Hope to see you there!

First night of Startup Weekend Tupelo got off to a wonderful start! Forty-four people registered, 19 of them pitched and 8 ideas were chosen.

Here’s a line-up of the 8 teams presenting today!

Final Reminder for teams* Fill Out Team Survey If You Want To Present.(

1. Smart Garden:  Smart Garden brings healthy food to urban environments where fresh produce is lacking. The product will consist of an electronic system with sensors and amendment implementations that can monitor any form of vegetation for maximizing the ideal production. This will place the omnipotent potential of nature in the hands of anyone who wishing to have immediate access to the freshest, tastiest produce possible.

2. P!vot: Trading cards that are similar to baseball cards but with entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerburg; shows stats and facts about companies and entrepreneurs themselves

3. Mix-It-Up:  Tired of waiting for the bartender to notice your raised hand at a crowded bar? Mix it up has a proposed solution to this annoyance. Kiosks set up in bars/nightclubs to allow for faster drink ordering and payment and delivery.  Mix-it-Up is a new, trendy computerized device that ensures faster service, that consists of a flat, touchscreen monitor that allows customers to order drinks conveniently without waiting in line. The mission of Mix-it-Up is to provide convenience and excellent customer service by offering an easy to use kiosk for ordering drinks within a nightlife setting for a memorable experience.

4. Power of Ra: Our team is designing a Solar Powered Charging Station with a weatherproof lock-box to be used at public parks and beaches and water-parks.  The station would rent out the boxes per the amount of time used.  The user creates a custom password that allows them to leave all of their valuables in a safe place while leaving to their activities with free hands.

5. Faster Food:  A smartphone application that allows the user to find, order, and review local fast food restaurants.

6. Tailgate Technologies:  A smart Husky cooler that has app control over movement, locking system, GPS, and temperature inside the cooler.

7. Spark Studios:  Provides a pressure-free, nurturing environment for children to explore, express, and experience the arts.

8. Team Wanted:  A mobile app and website for busy and forgetful persons who wish to remember important dates and gifts wanted and appreciated gifts for the  purpose of improving relationships.

Good Luck!

-SW Tupelo Team!